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  • The "WELCOME BLURB" free text area is on the RIGHT SIDE of the home page.

  • The MUSIC control bar is at the bottom.

  • This BACKGROUND color scheme is made by going to the Site Design, Site Color Scheme: Black option, and Black/#000000 on the "Advanced Site Design" pages for background choices.

  • You can use simple HTML code to add buttons, links, list like this one etc... make a Google search for "HTML code tutorial" and find your favorite tutorial to learn how.

  • You can opt out of having the Advertisements at the bottom of the pages, and make a TON of other changes! Just click through your Admin Center, and on each tab, each page, and a look!


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    Simply Write a statement, or Create a Customer Banner with HTML code, to display at the bottom of each page. Go to the Design tab, Display Customer Banner Ad, and add Free Text or make buttons/links.