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With Design A, your MAIN GALLERY BLUB, which is what is written here, shows at the TOP of the page. The Thumbnails and Galleries align UNDER THE TEXT BOX, and to the LEFT side of the page.

When you create Categories or Galleries, you can also add a Title, Description, and choose a Thumbnail.

Slideshow options, like you see on this page, are found under the Slide Show Options link in your Admin Center.

When you open a Gallery/Category, the Thumbnails (3 COLUMS/5 ROWS per page) are on the RIGHT the opened/large photo.
© Jim  Miotke PhotoID# 538514: Pattern in Blue Glass Abstracts        slide show

© Jim  Miotke PhotoID# 538469: Piercing Gaze Mt. Lion Animals        slide show
Go to your Admin center, Photos tab, Display Options column, Gallery Options link, and you can choose the number of columns for your galleries, and more!

© Jim  Miotke PhotoID# 2763129: On Fire Macro        slide show

Browse All Photos        slide show
© Jim  Miotke PhotoID# 1309441: Mist and Shadow Nature        slide show

© Jim  Miotke PhotoID# 3754613: Pouting People        slide show

© Jim  Miotke PhotoID# 200996: Takin That Ride to Nowhere Travel        slide show


© Jim Miotke

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